We see all projects through from start to end, providing expert advice based on our many years in the industry. Our development advisory follows the process of pre-development advisory, contract documentation and administration advisory, and post-development advisory.

Our thorough process of pre-development advisory, contract documentation and administration advisory, and post-development advisory ensures our presence throughout the lifecycle of the project, and also ensures that the project is feasible.


We continually strive to ensure that the development is the right fit for the market. Our expertise in the industry arises from assisting both the developer and end-user, and creating clear discourse where both parties understand each other’s perspectives, paving the way to untapped market opportunities.

Contract Documentation & Administration Advisory

Upon evaluating the feasibility of the project, we set our sights on the execution of the project. We coordinate between multiple stakeholders, review architectural plans, and secure the goals of the client.


We look after the best interest of the project and can become the representative for the project, whether is it to bring in our real estate perspective into marketing materials to position the development or advise on sales strategies.


Our development advisory services include market research, project feasibility, project assembly, critical design review and analysis, programme management to support clients throughout the lifespan of a project whether it is a residential, commercial, retail or hospitality project.

Our in-depth understanding of the local real estate landscape is derived from the scale and scope of our operations. We will carry out detailed market research and  extensive report on market research from us, detailing analysis of the property’s location, and identifying competitor projects along with target markets, USPs, value propositions, infrastructure impacts, SWOT analysis, and surveys.
Business Feasibility Study

This study will determine if the proposed project is viable from a business perspective.

Strategic Planning & Execution

With your long-term objectives in mind, you will be assisted in the risk evaluation, planning, product positioning and execution of the project.

Site & Regulatory Analysis

The development potential, regulatory restrictions and risk factors of the site will be assessed.

Design Strategy Consultancy

The design of the project will have the comfort of its end users as its sole focus from the very start. Elements such as unit mix, size, design and layout will be carefully guided.

Financial Feasibility Study

Profit will be maximised through a detailed financial model to assess the project’s feasibility by factoring in variables for the best possible outcome.

Pricing & Rental Models

To maximise rental returns, we will structure pricing grids and rental models based on floor levels, views and competitor prices. Rental rates and occupancy periods will be optimised.

Investment & Funding Strategies

Funding will be grounded in solid financial reasoning through our advice in relation to debt structuring and management, capital funding, investment strategies and optimum gearing ratios.

Professional Consultant Team Appraisal

We will assist you with locating the right project contractors and consultants for the job.

Area Efficiency Analysis

Assess and ensure optimum efficiency ratios are met through assessment of the total built-up, lettable and circulation area, and the review of area schedules.

Architectural Layouts & Detail Drawings

Critically review layouts and detail drawings from a market and consumer’s perspective to assess space positioning, circulation core positioning and layout flexibility to ensure functionality and serviceability of the building.

Facade Design Analysis

Evaluate and assess the proposed facade design and provide recommendations on exterior facade design.

Masterplan Layout Review

Assess the masterplan layout and provide advise on landscape layout and improvements to the master plan layout. Analysis of parking requirements and allocation of parking space.

Value Engineering Recommendations

Assess the project overall and provide recommendations on how to value engineer, if required.

Client Representation

During the pre-construction and construction administration stages, we will represent your interests on all matters concerning pre-planning, design and construction.

Stakeholder Coordination

Your expectations of project delivery and timelines will be met through our seamless communication between all involved.

Authority Approval follow-up

We will conduct periodic checks with the relevant authorities to ensure all approvals are obtained.

Strategy Consultancy

Our advice to you on technical and managerial decisions on the project will provide you with advise on timing and investment strategies of the proposed  project.

Project Consultants and Contractor

We will advise you on the right project consultants and assess and make recommendations when appointing the main contractor and nominated subcontractors

Procurement method analysis

Acquest will assess and guide the client on the most suitable procurement method that will meet the objectives of the development.

Programme Management

Acquest will provide the necessary expertise to help the client meet their programme objectives from concept to completion by acting as an extension of the clients’ staff, protecting their interests as our own.

Real Estate Portfolio Structuring

Assessing the portfolio, including idle lands and buildings, and providing advice on the appropriate type of investment based on the location and related market conditions.

Portfolio Management Strategy

Analysing your real estate asset portfolio and providing an assessment on which assets to develop, hold or sell, to optimise returns from the overall asset portfolio.

Risk & Return Analysis

Assessing the risk and return associated with the investment, divestment, and the holding of real estate assets.

Property Valuations & Performance

Determining the commercial value and the best use of your property.

Market Insights

Make the right decisions with specialist advice and analysis. Our expert in-depth research provides customers with accurate market knowledge concerning trends and forecasts in the property market.

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