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Acquest specializes in providing premium services in brokerage, investment advisory, development advisory, project marketing & sales & property management.brokerage

We assist individuals, investors, corporate and institutional clients in buying, selling and letting of residential and commercial real estate in central Colombo and greater Colombo as well as high value real estate across the country.

  • We possess the most extensive database of property listings for sale and let.
  • Our clientele consists of local High Net worth Individuals, local and foreign institutional investors, Sri Lankan expatriates, Embassies and International NGOs.
  • We provide current market based valuations.
  • We facilitate each transaction from offer to signing ensuring a hassle free process.
  • Our visibility across all marketing channels ensures that your property reaches a wider audience.
  • We currently handle over 50% of the transactions that take place in the secondary condominium market.
  • We have handled the four largest transactions which took place in the condominium market during the last 5 years

Our client-centric, professional approach has allowed us to foster long term working relationships with our clients, and has resulted in us building immense credibility in the real estate market.

Buying, Selling and Renting made easy.



Apartment Sales:
+94 777 70 30 70 / +94 775 775 445
Residential Rentals:
+94 77 90 90 600 / +94 777 39 26 30
Commercial Real Estate:
+94 777 60 20 30 / +94 779 22 52 55
Residential Sales:
+94 777 73 94 73 / +94 777 60 20 30
Agricultural & Industrial Real Estate Sales:
+94 777 60 20 30

To list your property:

+94 777 70 30 70
+94 777 60 20 30

Sri Lanka’s rapidly evolving real estate market offers great investment opportunities. Our in-depth understanding of the local real estate landscape is derived from the scale and scope of our operations. Our unmatched market intelligence allows us to offer our clients unbiased advice, enabling them to make informed investment decisions.

  • Our clientele consist of foreign institutional investors, local corporates, local high net worth investors, Sri Lankan expatriates and foreign investors.
  • We advise our key clients on structuring their real estate portfolios to maximise capital appreciation and rental yields, using our up-to-date and in-depth projections and market knowledge.
  • Our advisory services also cover the banking, legal and tax aspects of investing in Sri Lankan real estate.
  • Our investment advisory experience spans over 7 years.
  • We exclusively manage the US$ 30 Million real estate portfolio of the largest institutional investor in Sri Lankan real estate, a New York based real estate fund.

Profit from our experience. Let us assist you to make informed investment decisions.



+94 777 73 94 73
+94 777 70 30 70

Our development advisory services aim to mitigate a developer’s risk. From market entry due diligence to product design analysis we advise at every stage of real estate development from site selection to finalising the concept of a development. A well conceptualised and positioned real estate development will sell out within a shorter period and maximise sales revenue.

  • We carry out due diligence to determine the development potential and regulatory restrictions for a development site.
  • We advise a developer on the optimal concept for a chosen site. For condominium developments, we advise on the target market, apartment mix, apartment sizing, layouts, finishes and overall design.
  • We advise and assist the developer in selecting project consultants.
  • Our understanding of buyer preferences allow us to assist a developer to refine the development offering to best suit market demand.
  • Our clients include Colombo City Centre Partners, TATA Housing, Atlantis Developments, among many other prominent developers.
  • Over the last 6 years we have been involved in almost every large scale real estate development in Colombo.

Our unmatched market intelligence serves to mitigate your risk in a fast evolving real estate market.



+94 777 73 94 73
+94 777 60 20 30

In Colombo’s competitive real estate market, the success of the sales process is dependent on well thought out marketing, public relations, pricing and sales strategies. Often developers underestimate the importance of the marketing and sales strategies. Our Project Marketing & Sales Services aim to ensure that a project we advise on and sell for, gains the necessary momentum and positive PR at the pre-launch and launch stages and the sales process, and maintains the desired sales velocity to sell out within the desired timeline.

  • Pricing Structure – We advise on and formulate the pricing structure and payment schedule based on the developer’s expected sales revenue. The pricing structure is crucial to ensuring that a real estate development creates a positive sentiment in the market and achieves the desired sales revenue and cash flow targets.
  • Marketing Collateral and Branding – We work with the creative agencies to refine the branding and marketing collateral by bringing in our real estate perspective with crucial market information to position the development appropriately.
  • Public Relations strategy- we advise on the PR strategy to ensure that the desired sentiment towards the project is achieved through to the completion of the sales process.
  • Sales Strategy- we handle the entire sales process or supplement the in-house sales team. We posses the most extensive and well established database of local high net worth investors (which covers over 90% to 95% of potential buyers and investors in this segment), with whom we have personal working relationships. This coupled with our immense credibility in the market can ensure a well positioned project, priced in line with the prevailing market conditions will achieve the desired sales velocity and sell out within the desired timeline.
  • Acquest has been engaged by the Colombo City Centre which has been the best selling condominium in the premium segment. Acquest was also engaged by 110 Parliament Road, a semi luxury development which was the best selling project in the semi luxury segment.

Maximise your sales revenue. Gain an edge in a competitive market with our experience and detailed strategies.



+94 777 73 94 73
+94 777 60 20 30

We specialise in managing apartments and premium residential properties in Colombo and greater Colombo. We handle every aspect of managing our clients’ properties, including the letting, maintenance, tenant care and facilitating and coordinating the legal and administrative aspects.

  • We are the only real estate service provider with a proven track record of property management in Sri Lanka.
  • The property portfolio we manage is valued at over USD 50 Million.
  • We have well established working relationships with Embassies, International NGOs and MNCs, which allows us to continuously maintain full occupancy of our clients’ properties.
  • We exclusively manage the property portfolio of the largest foreign institutional investor in Sri Lankan real estate.
  • We currently manage 7% of all the apartments in the premium segment.

Setting the standard in Property Management.



+94 77 90 90 600
+94 777 73 94 73


About Us

Full-service real estate

Acquest has been operating in the real estate market in Sri Lanka for over 8 years, providing exclusive real estate services to its clientele in Sri Lanka.Full-service real estate

Acquest is Sri Lanka’s premier, full-service real estate services company.

Our clients, our core competencies, and the ability of our team to deliver those core competencies defines our brand. We approach business with discipline, consistency, professionalism and transparency that is unique, which differentiates Acquest.

We believe in building long term working relationships with our clients, partners and over the last 10 years we have built immense credibility and presence in the real estate industry.

Our clientele consists of local High Net Worth Individuals, Local and International Institutional Investors, developers, Sri Lankan expatriates, Corporates, MNCs, Diplomatic Missions and International NGOs.

Our experienced team combine a deep understanding of specialist property sectors and a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of client care to add value to clients and ensure they make informed real estate decisions.

At Acquest we have a strong desire to improve the way our Real Estate industry operates. We do business differently to give our clients an edge.

  •  info@acquest.lk
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    Sri Lanka’s trusted real estate services company

    Acquest has been operating in the real estate market in Sri Lanka for over 8 years, providing exclusive real estate services to its clientele in Sri Lanka.Sri Lanka’s trusted real estate services company

    • Reference of Mr. Ramesh Mantri

      Mr. Ramesh Mantri oversees the Sri Lankan property portfolio of a $2 Billion New York based private Real Estate and Equities fund. They are the biggest institutional investors in Sri Lankan real estate since the end of the war in 2009.

      Scope of Work: We have exclusively managed the real estate portfolio owned by Lora Properties. We advised the principles on the market before they invested. We have managed their real estate assets exclusively since 2010. We also advise them on investment options and when to exit.

      “Our Firm globally has experience in investing in Real Estate in USA, Europe, Middle East, India and parts of Asia in all types of real estate like land, apartments, commercial and retail space, hotels etc.

      In Sri Lanka, for our apartment portfolio of 53 luxury units in Colombo, we have exclusively used the services of Acquest for advisory, purchase, leasing and management of these apartments since 2010.

      Acquest has delivered exceptional professional services in the last 4 years. The Acquest team brings an intimate understanding of the market and has the best deals in the market.

      Acquest has access to the best clients in Colombo and a unique trait of doing what is best for their clients, even at short term cost to their business. We have found Acquest to be competent, diligent, professional and above all bringing a rare integrity to this business.

      We highly recommend the professional services of Acquest.”

            Ramesh Mantri

    • Reference of Mr. Ajit Gunewardene

      Deputy Chairman, John Keells PLC (Sri Lanka’s largest PLC)

      Scope of Work: Acquest was engaged by Mr. Gunewardene to rent the apartments in a private apartment block developed by Mr. Gunewardene and to sell three investment properties.

      “Acquest has been working with me on my personal real estate portfolio for approximately two years.The Acquest team has acted on my behalf to lease as well as to sell some of my apartments. Their advice on market trends have been insightful and helped me make certain strategic decisions. Acquest has always acted with integrity and with a high level of professionalism. I continue to work closely with Acquest and have every confidence in their input and that they will work in my best interests.

      I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Acquest.”

            Ajit Gunewardene

    • Reference of Mr. Keith Modder

      High Net Worth real estate investor.

      Scope of Work: Mr. Keith Modder started investing in the real estate market with our advice. We currently advise Mr. Modder and oversee his real estate portfolio.

      “I have dealt with the Acquest team for almost 5 years now and have had the benefit of their advice, insights and operational prowess in managing my portfolio.

      Acquest has approached every interaction with a view to building strategic value and a trusted adviser relationship, and have gone above and beyond to ensure customer delight.

      I have no hesitation in recommending Acquest and wish them well in their future endeavours.”

            Keith Modder


      Investment Banker and Property Investor, Singapore. Mr. Russell-Davison has held senior positions at Standard Chartered Bank Singapore.

      Scope of Work: Acquest guided Mr. Russell-Davison​ when he enter the condominium market in Colombo and managed his apartment. Thereafter we have also advised Mr Russell-Davison on the real estate market in Sri Lanka.

      “In my 25 years of active real estate investing, few companies have demonstrated the same level of professionalism as ACQUEST.​ ​I purchased an executive property through them in 2008 and they managed it efficiently until 2014. Throughout this period, their level of service and responsiveness was excellent.​ ​I will continue to work with Acquest, as I value their integrity and knowledge of the local market, and see them as a reliable partner in Sri Lankan real estate. I would recommend their services without hesitation”

            Aaron Russell-Davison


      Mr Dumith Fernando is the ex-Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Asia Pacific CreditSussie AG and currently runs his own fund, Panthera Ventures.

      Scope of Work: Acquest was exclusively engaged by Mr Fernando to sell a penthouse at the Emperor. We have also worked with Mr Fernando on running feasibilities for development projects and to source properties.

      “I engaged Acquest informally in an advisory capacity on a couple of potential development projects as well as more formally to execute the sale of a top-end penthouse apartment at the Emperor. My expectations of Acquest were to determine appropriate positioning of the property, target and attract a narrow list of suitable high quality buyers, assess the quality of potential buyers and to execute the closing process.

      Through the process, the Acquest team acted with honesty and integrity; rare commodities among real estate agents in Colombo. The team was also able to advise me well on market trends and pricing as well as the quality of potential buyers.

      We were able to achieve higher than the expected price in an apartment category that is highly priced for this market, and based on accurate advice on the closing process I was also able to save some transaction costs.

      I would recommend the services of Acquest with no reservations to any other prospective client whether it is for an individual property or a larger scale development.”

            Dumith Fernando


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    • Access Tower II, Level 16, 278, Union Place, Colombo 02.
    • Apartment Sales: +94 777 70 30 70 / +94 775 775 445
    • Residential Rentals: +94 77 90 90 600 / +94 777 39 26 30
    • Commercial Real Estate: +94 777 60 20 30 / +94 779 22 52 55
    • Residential Sales: +94 777 73 94 73 / +94 777 60 20 30
    • Agricultural & Industrial Real Estate Sales: +94 777 60 20 30
    • sales@acquest.lk
    • Investment Advisory: +94 777 73 94 73 / +94 777 70 30 70
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    • Development Advisory: +94 777 73 94 73 / +94 777 70 30 70
    • info@acquest.lk
    • Project Marketing & Sales: +94 777 73 94 73 / +94 777 70 30 70
    • info@acquest.lk
    • Property Management: +94 77 90 90 600 / +94 777 73 94 73
    • pm@acquest.lk
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    • We are always on the look out for exceptional individuals to join our team. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our team, forward your resume to
    • careers@acquest.lk

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