What does it mean to list with Acquest Exclusively?

Listing a property with Acquest on an exclusive basis would mean that Acquest is the only Agent marketing/promoting your property. Listing with us exclusively gives you one point of contact and therefore one point of responsibility. Having us as the only party involved assures you consistency of information about the property and by being the sole contact point for the property enables us to filer in all the offers that are made for the property and bring to you the best solution in line with your needs. We further provide the following services to clients that list with us exclusively: 

  • Advising on the price of the property  
  • Developing marketing material and marketing the property across appropriate marketing channels 
  • Advertising the property in print and online  
  • Direct marketing to qualified clients in our client base  
  • Conducting property inspection/viewings 
  • Price negotiation 
  • Facilitating contract negotiation 
  • Facilitating the transaction 
  • Verifying and ensuring the buyer or client is of good repute and not involved in any illegal activity

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