Should you buy a house or an apartment?

There are a number of potential advantages and disadvantages to buying a house or an apartment.

If you’re considering buying a house, consider the following pros and cons:


  • Autonomy over the property
  • Attractive to the family
  • Possibility of renovating/enlarging
  • No management fees


  • More to maintain (i.e., yard, garage)
  • Convenience of having facilities within one roof (e.g GYM, Pool, Club house, Etc)
  • Typically requires larger deposit

There are plenty of pluses and minuses to buying apartments as investments, too. Here are a few considerations:


  • Some maintenance and admin is taken care of by apartment management
  • Less upfront investment and payment plans
  • Likely to appeal to young professionals


  • Depending on the market, it could be harder to rent it out if needed
  • No chance to extend or enlarge the property in the future
  • Potentially less capital growth than a house

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